What is ClearCaps?

Nearly invisible ClearCaps set your teeth straight

During the last 10 years, a clear revolution in orthodontics has happened. Most people are familiar with braces’ metal brackets and wires, but don’t like the idea of having to wear them, to straighten their teeth. ClearCaps gently shift your teeth to their ideal position, without the discomfort which traditional braces would bring. We will show you the results of the treatment, with a 3D simulation. When satisfied, we produce your custom-made caps. These are replaced every two weeks, with a new set.


Clearly the most attractive feature
When you decide to straighten your teeth, you don’t want to compromise your daily routine. People shouldn’t notice that you are wearing braces. ClearCaps is the most attractive choice for orthodontic treatment. The crystal-clear caps offer you the most comfortable treatment and a normal day-to-day (professional) life.



Clean, fresh and flexible
You should wear your ClearCaps for at least 22 hours in a 24-hour period. For brushing or eating, you may take them out. This way, you keep your oral hygiene in perfect condition. Fixed braces may leave spots on your tooth enamel. With ClearCaps, this will not happen. When you have a really important day or night, you can leave your caps out (although you should not do this too often).



The most comfortable way to set your teeth straight
ClearCaps are very comfortable to wear. The material is flexible and very thin, produced to stop just under your gums. The only times when you will have to remove them are during brushing and eating. If you wear the ClearCaps for at least 22 hours (in a 24-hour period), your treatment will go smoothly.


Guess what, we know how your teeth are going to shift!
ClearCaps uses highly advanced software to produce a 3D simulation of your treatment. This gives you an excellent example of how your teeth are going to shift. In fact, you will see the movements of your teeth for yourself, in an animated movie. So, your orthodontic treatment with ClearCaps is predictable and gives you the security which you would expect from an orthodontic treatment.